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With the help of a REEL TECH Lighting-Lift luminaries can be lowered to a safe maintenance height and stopped. This is achieved by the use of our Remote Control Unit (RCU), by radio signal reaching distances up to 100 meters or via potential free signal wires. The RCU can be used to control individual luminaries and /or groups. Our lifts offer lowering solutions for loads ranging from 5kg to 500kg, with lowering distances up to 30 meters. Synchronized versions of our lifts can lower and raise linear fittings and lighting bars.All our products are certificated by TÜV SÜD in Austria. Furthermore our products are IP54 rated and are maintenance-free with no user serviceable parts.

REEL TECH Lighting-Lifts can be used almost everywhere where electrical equipment is difficult to access or maintain. The risk involved working at height and damage to expensive flooring is eliminated.

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