Why should we use Lighting Lifts?

Saving costs

Reel Tech saves you the costs of specialised staff, lease or purchase costs of heavy machinery such as lifting platforms, transport and insurance costs and the purchase of bulky tools such as multi-piece stepladders with special components for positioning on stairs etc.

No interruption of operation

Lamps can be replaced in a few minutes, without the assistance of specialised staff.

Quick and convenient

The maintenance level can be modifi ed using the wireless remote control device.

Preventing accidents

Reel Tech lighting lifts are moved using wired or wireless remote controls and help prevent accidents during maintenance or cleaning work. Power supply is automatically disconnected when the lighting unit is lowered and fi xed at a pre-programmed height convenient for working. Therefore, all maintenance work is carried out at a convenient working level on the ground instead of high up on the ceiling, with the power supply always disconnected.

ECO Friendly

Reel Tech allows you to switch off individual lighting units or entire groups in an energy-saving, quick and easy way using remote control.

Last but not least

Each device is optionally available as synchro-lift version.

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